site mapping

Our operations and development team conducts site surveys to develop event layouts and infrastructure and provides complete CAD mapping services. From conception to completion, HEP provides the services needed to put your event on the map.


We handle all permitting and code compliances for large scale projects as well as hiring contractors for public utilities, developing roads and land improvements.


We specialize in optimizing years of experience from a variety of events to develop venue designs for almost any location. From ski areas and retired military bases to the middle of the Everglades, we have the ability to design a venue customized for your site.


Our team will conduct site surveys and develop a unique and effective layout, infrastructure elements, camping areas, parking, food courts, VIP areas, production compounds, catering areas, staff housing and more to accomodate your guests and staff.


Happy Ending Productions partners with industry professionals that have unmatched qualifications in event logistics. We provide skilled logistics teams for large scale festivals and events.


We manage all of your on-site logistics including, equipment deliveries, storage, infrastructure development, fencing and other site utilities.