Happy Ending Productions offers event administration services through an extensive network of industry professionals. We cultivate an entire management team to suit your needs or supplement your existing team to form your core administration organization.


We can manage all your event administration including proposal and RFP preparations, staffing, permitting and compliance, as well as selecting and hiring contractors, vendors and public safety personnel.


We serve all your production needs from production management, production crew and production technical support to artist liaisons, on-site logistics and site management.


Happy Ending Productions partners with some of the best behind the scenes talent in the industry, seasoned professionals that take every project to the next level. We specialize in providing production solutions for grass roots gatherings to multi day camping and music festivals.


We source all your staffing needs and provides seasoned professionals to manage every aspect of your event. Our relationships with the best in the industry have been forged through years of successful events.


Our team contracts top industry professionals to handle all your administration, production, site operations, safety personell, parking crews and more to ensure a safe successful event.